If you need a pipe repair or just a maintenance and cleaning of your old pipe, it will be pleasure to make it for you.

What I need to know in advance before sending the pipe:

1. Brand and shape, or just send a picture;

2. What kind of repair you need, we can discuss it via email;

3. Filter or no filter pipe.

Price list of common repairs (EUR)

  • Basic maintenance, cleaning, reaming and polishing - 15
  • Removing the oxidation of old ebonite stem and polishing - 12
  • Broken tenon repair on old stem - new Teflon cone, re-facing, sanding and polishing of the stem if necessary  - 15
  • Stem change with new hand cut black ebonite stem - 40 (confirm the stem legth)
  • Stem change with new hand cut acrylic stem - 45 (confirm the length and colcor)
  • Stem change with new premolded stem - shape depending, please send me email with pictures